The Cascapedia Lake is situated in the Gaspe National Park, close to the magnificent Gite du Mont Albert and flows into the Salmon Branch. The Gite du Mont Albert, which we recommend for a four stars accommodation, is approximately 45 minutes from the D and E sectors of the Cascapedia River.

This is an early run river and fishing within Sector E1 is generally best in June-July, although a good number of fish can be found in September when the salmon swim down from the upper reach for spawning.

This sector of the river was previously a sanctuary and only opened in 1994. It is a very secluded area filled with wild life, very little circulation and perfect for anglers who prefer tranquility.

This sector offers eight hours of fishing with a guide.

Salmon Branch

Guide fishing
Two anglers per day

Pools: 9 miles, Devil’s
elbow, Main pool,
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