Registering for a draw

Our two draws will be on Wednesday, November 1st for the guide sector and the wade sector. We will contact the winners only by e-mail during that same week to give them their ranking.

  • There are two reservation methods for the limited access sectors:
  • Pre-season draw : November 1
  • Daily draw: 72 hours in advance


Toll free : 1 877 2FISH50
Darlene Sexton :
Tammy Vicaire :

Paper registration also available (by mail or Fax) (PDF Document)
Printable version available here


  • A maximum of 10 entries per angler can be done for each draw – Guided and Wade (the same form may be used for both draws)
  • Entries are priced at $7.00 each, payable by cash, check money order or credit card
  • The holder of pre-season reservations may not transfer said reservations to another individual. If resold , reimbursement is at 75% only.
  • An individual’s name may appear only once on the list of winners.
  • Entry forms must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. on October 31.

November 1st:
Pre-season draw
1st week of November:
Phone or e-mail confirmation to all winners, including date of phone call.
2nd week of November:
Telephone call to guided zone winners for choice of dates.
3rd week of November:
Telephone call to wading zone winners for choice of dates.
3rd Monday of January:
Call in day for fishing not sold, cancelled, and fishing package.

50% of reservation payable by December 15th.
The balance must be paid before January 15th.